The Idea and the Patent


In the recent years scientific research has had as its main objective to improve the quality of disinfectant products, but little or nothing has concerned the evolution of disinfection methodologies and practices. In the second half of the 19th century, Joseph Lister and Lucas Championnière already noted the importance not only of the disinfectant’s characteristics, but also of its method of application. Our idea was born, therefore, from the will to continue the road already traced by the two forerunners more than 100 years ago. Our project was therefore directed towards the search for an evolution in the mode of distribution of disinfectant that would be simple, fast, effective and that would allow to extend the treatment of the environment to 360°. Our choice was to combine the qualities of disinfectant with the characteristics of steam. Attempts to match a steam disinfectant by adding the disinfectant directly into the boiler showed both a chemical alteration of the agent, subjected to direct and excessive heat exposure, and a precipitation of the disinfectant as background residue, irretrievably affecting its effectiveness.

The technical solution to these problems was the design, the creation and the patent of a complex mixing chamber and its dispenser that would allow a uniform mixing of the disinfectant agent in the pressure vapour to be distributed through a directional lance. The disinfectant, due to the atomizer injection, is transformed into nebulized particles and is dispersed in a quiet area of the mixing chamber. Simultaneously, inside the mixer is injected a steam flow that, passing through the mixing chamber up to a section of output and dispatch consisting of an outlet manifold, allows to obtain a perfect two-phase mixture of steam + disinfectant. The geometrical shape of the mixing chamber and the position of the inlet and outlet holes were realized in order to obtain minimal turbulence inside it, ensuring an optimal outflow of the disinfectant mixture. Thanks to these technical solutions Hygienio s.r.l designed, patented and produced a highly innovative tool that allows to achieve the best results in the decontamination of surfaces.

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Disinfecting Apparatus Charles Lentz & Sons (1906)
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Spraizzatore Ruggi
(1844 – 1912)
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Nebulizzatore di Joseph Lister (1827-1912)
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Nebulizzatore di Lucas Championnière. (1843-1913)



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